Hair Products

01 - Sea Silk Shampoo.jpg

A shampoo with silk proteins that moisturizes hair without adding weight. It restores and re-balances the ph level of hair leaving it smooth and stress- free with a healthy luster.

* Detergent and paraben free!!! *


02 - White Pearl Styling Paste.jpg

A botanical enriched paste that is moveable and greaseless. It is not tacky, sticky or waxy. It is used to move hair from state or place to another. Feature!

* Smells unbelievable!!! *


03 - Sea Silk Protein Conditioner.jpg

A conditioner that contains silk proteins and botanical extracts that strengthen and revitalize the hair shaft. The protein penetrates and rebuilds damaged hair. Instant conditioning that gives manageability and healthy luster to stress depleted hair.

* Also used as a deep conditioning treatment!!! *


04 -  Island Kiwi Shampoo.jpg

A clear shampoo with quick- acting proteins and kiwi acids that cleanse and purifies all hair types. It leaves hair manageable and shiny.

* Paraben free!!! *


05 - Pirate D Styling Spray.jpg

A spray that is a thermal protectant and heat activated. It is made to set hair with blow dryers, curling irons and any hot styling tools. It prevents hair damage while using hot styling tools. Leaves hair soft, styled and volumized.

* Also can be used as a pump hairspray!!! *


06 - Mermaid Hairspray.jpg

A hairspray that is fast drying and has an exceptional hold. It is resistant to humidity and easy to brush through the hair after use.

* No sticky residue or build -up!!! *

$18.00 10oz or $8.00 for 2 oz (plane travel size)

07 - Coral Reef Gel.jpg

A medium holding volumizing gel. It is long lasting and enriched with botanicals that gives the hair shine and body.

* Alcohol free!!! *


08 - Aquirus Amethyst Shampoo.jpg

A special shampoo that tones highlighted, blonde and gray hair. It neutralizes yellow tones.

* Paraben free!!! *


09 - Island Spray- In Conditioner.jpg

A light leave- in conditioner that contains detangling agents and active botanicals which gives shine without weighing the hair down. It adds body and volume while repairing spilt-ends.

* Sun filter added!!! *


10 - Beach.jpg

A sea salt infused spray for volume and flexibility. The hair smells like you have been at the beach.

* Great for finger drying or blow drying!!! *


11- Sea Glass.jpg

A unique combination of natural fruit oils. It smoothes, conditions, and seals the hair. It is a great detangler leaving hair with a lustrous shine and radiance.

* Works excellent with flat irons!!! *


12 - Travel Sizes.jpg

Sea silk protein shampoo, sea silk protein conditioner, and coral reef gel